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While we are working on characterizing the fungi that are implicated in the decline of Colorado Blue spruce across Michigan please check out these excellent resources for Spruce Decline and conifer disease information:

What’s going on with blue spruce? (Cregg et al 2015)

Assessing cold injury in conifers (Lizotte March 2015)

Yellowing interior needles in conifers (O’Donnell, October 2014)

Preventing, diagnosing and managing diseases in conifers (Wollaeger-Lindberg December 2013)

Michigan awash with Phomopsis cankers on spruce trees and seedlings (Fulbright et al. 2012)

Needle shedding in conifers (O’Donnell, October 2012)

Shade trees and conifers showing effects of tough summer (Cregg September 2012)

Spruce tree disease symptoms are associated with fungal pathogens and are progressing through time (Fulbright et al July 2011)

Spruce tree problem shows symptoms of both needlecast and branch death (Fulbright et al. July 2011)

Spruce problems are probably caused by more than a single agent (Fulbright July et al 2011)

What’s going on with blue spruce? (Fulbright, March 2011)

Needlecast management (Fulbright) May 2010

Blue spruce needle cast disease (Fulbright, March 2010)

Stigmina found associated with needle cast on blue spruce in Michigan (Fulbright September 2008)

A tip for dealing with the “Help, my spruce are dying” requests (Byrne May 2009)

Rhizosphaera or not?(Byrne May 2008)

Manage needle cast disease on Douglas firs and Colorado blue spruces (Fulbright, May 2008)

Time to manage needle cast diseases of Douglas fir and spruce (Fulbright et al. May 2007)

For alternatives to Colorado Blue Spruce please click here