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February 2018


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We are looking for conifer growers in Michigan to fill in our survey on fungal and oomycete diseases that affect their plants. Your input will be used to drive our research focus, and ensure that new detection tools, disease management strategies, educational materials, and programming target the most at-risk tree species and serious pathogens. Please check out our survey page to get more information and a link to the survey itself!

Spring Talks

By Meetings and Conferences, Talks

Dr. Sakalidis has had a busy couple of months, recent talks include “The Fight Against Boxwood Blight” at the MNLA Great Lakes Trade Expo, “Oak Wilt, it‚Äôs here, it‚Äôs spreading- so what are we doing about it” at the DNR Professional Development Training meeting and this week “Genetics of Caliciopsis species affecting Pinus spp.; what we know and what we need to find out” at the White Pine Health Workshop in Athens, Georgia. Next week Dr. Sakalidis will be talking at the Winter Nursery Meeting on “MSU Research Update on Spruce Decline‚Äù & ‚ÄúWhat are your concerns? Conifer Growers Disease Survey”, in West Olive on February 16th.